Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Summary

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

My weekend went like this


Went to Padang Polo in the morning. The plan was to jog 4km, but couldnt finish it. Only managed 2.6km (according to the marker)

The reason : i ate 6 cokodoks for breakfast and a mug of coffee. so i felt a little bit heavy. But nahhhh....i was just weak in the brain department. Not enuff determination. It's all in the mind la stooopid.

In the afternoon, i took mama & alif for our weekly jalan2 session. went to ipoh parade.

while mama was busy looking at handbags, i was busy chasing alif around the mall. berpeluh-peluh aku di buatnya. so was he.

i guess he was boring duduk in the stroller.

In the evening, i went to a Senamrobik Perdana in Sg. Siput. Dato' Seri Samy Vellu was there too. The senamrobik was soooooo tiring la. Mebbe bcoz of the jogging i did in the morning.

Later that nite, watched AF5. Boyyy.... they suck BIG time. i think this is the worst set of students AF had ever had. Pity the industry.....


Morning : Breakfast, read newspaper & zzzzz.....

Afternoon : watched Melodi. they were making noise about fans prefer indon artists better than malaysians. well i have a message for them : LAGU MESIA TAK SEDAPPP!!!!

The rest of the day : resting & zzzzzz

sekian. tima kacih :)

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