Thursday, March 15, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Good Day
A few weeks back ada satu group of indians ni datang jumpa aku. There were three of them. Two brothers and their mom.
Out of the three, only the younger brother could speak malay.
They mengadu that a few years back their home was demolished by the gomen to give way for a road project. They claimed that they were promised some compensation money by the district office (opis aku la tu). But until now they have yet to receive anything.
At this point aku dah tak sedap hati dah. Coz to my knowledge district office will never offer any compensation. oh ye...i forgot to mention that they were living illegally - setinggan.
Since this happened before my time, i asked them to wait and i went down to check with my officer. Turned out that they were lying!! Cilakak!! The district office never offered any compensation, it was the Y.B's office that promised for a compensation. Lega...
So i went back up and explained to them. I offered to help them by writing a letter to Y.B's office. They were so happy la. Very happy i tell you.
So it was time for them to leave. I salam each one of them starting with the younger brother. Bila sampai turn si older brother ni. Dia salam with both hands and suddenly bowed, i was like - eh apsal pulak la mamat ni....
Rupa-rupanya DIA CIUM TANGAN AKUUUUU....yg bestnya tu I could feel his thick and black mustache brushing my skin. What a nightmare!!!! Geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sioooottttt.....bodoh punya mamat. becoz of that i lost my appetite....hiiii...until now i could still feel the feeling...yuckss


zeedayazid said...


takpe, if u still feel geli and lose ur appetite, then your kurus project wil work faster! hahahaaaa

aishah said...

siap ciom tangan tu..
sanggup mamat tu..
ehehe klakar2

Azrul said...

zid > tu la pasal, skang ni kalo aku nampak orang misai tebal memang fobia sket ah...:)

esah > kalo aku suruh cium kaki pon aku rasa dia sanggup :)