Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm Back

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I'm back.

After 3 weeks of 'vacationing', turning up to office was something that I hate :) But since i got 15% increament, i guess i shouldnt complain much. Berkhidmat Untuk Negara bebeh!!

What to rant eh?...i got a lot to write actually but dunno where to start. Let's see....

The Course

The title of the course - Kursus Asas Perundangan dan Pentadbiran Tanah. Heheheh....dah keje kat district nih, kene la tau pasal tanah kan.

Best gak la course nih. I met some of my PTD Batchmate. Shaqul, Sepul, Tanti & Paksu Mang.

Something that i learnt during the course. Working as ADO is very risky lah. Anytime you could be locked in jail. You really need to understand the law before you decide on something. takuttttt.....


He fell 2 weeks ago and needed 3 stitches on the forehead. No one's fault actually. He tripped on his own leg and hit the bed curb. I saw the wound and I nearly cried. I felt helpless & guilty, oso i tot i failed as a father.

I still remember promising to myself that i would take a great care of alif. But somehow God showed me His power. It was fated.

But Alif was brave. He cried but not because of the pain, he was scared of the doctor (he saw the doctor holding a syringe) at first he was struggling, but mama managed to calm him down. Mama had to baring next to him and sang his favorite song 'Seroja'.

After that, while still sobbing, he said to the doctor 'tenku dotter' (thank you doctor). he paused for a while and then he said 'alip nak sweet tuh bley tak?' (there was a bucket of sweets on the doctor's table). ehehehhe....upanya masa tgh kena jahit tuh, sempat lagi dia usyar sweet yang ada atas meja tuh.

So now the cut is fully healed oredi. Scar? Ada gak, tapi tak obvious la. Luckily dia kena kat tepi dahi tuh, so tak menjejaskan kehenseman la :)

15 % increament

Pheww....a long awaited news. It's been 15 years since our last increament. Good timing la. This is the second good news of the year la. The first one offcourse when i got the promotion, and now this. Not bad after years with the gomen huh?

I calculated my new salary. Hmm...better than what i made in the private. Kalo manager kat tempat lama aku tgk gaji aku skang mesti dia nangis suma rezeki tuhan. Alhamdulillah syukur.

To Err is Human but To Arr is Pirate

I love Pirates of the Carrabean. Good movie lah. Eventhough the ticket is priced at RM10 instead of the usual RM9, but it was worth it la.

I really wanted for Liz Swann to fall for Captain Sparrow, last-last kawen dgn Will Turner jugak. The first time i saw Kiera Knightly masa Part One, my first impression was 'lawa siot minah nih', but in this episode, dia nampak cam comot-comot sket la. Mebbe to suit her as a pirate kot. Not just any pirate tau, King of Pirate.

I reckon there will a Part 4, if not takkan la the director reveal about the Fountain of Youth masa ending tuh. Betul tak? Cuma aku heran eh, why la Lord Beckot didnt return fire masa tgh lawan tuh eh? What was the deal made between him and Jack? Kena beli DVD la nih.


Z.Y. said...

woii sian anak ko siottt.. takpe u didnt fail as a dad. budak biasa la boisterous maa.. ko pun masa kecik dulu selalu jatuh2 gak kan.. haaa camtu la agaknya makbapok ko rasa ek.. pasal pirates plak, yennadey apa ni reveal citer kat org ni? ramai tak tgk lagi tau! aku baru nak tgk esok. cisss

Azrul said...

Zid > hallamak...ko tak tgk lagi ke....aku ingat aku dah lambat dah...sori la beb...but dont comments wont affect your judgement on the movie lah. trust me....