Friday, May 04, 2007

Hit & Run

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Finally an entry :)

Got back from Jakarta & Bandung last week. Nothing new though. Only this time i flew with KLM Airlines (Royal Dutch Airline) instead of Air Asia. Bad Service lah. Compared to MAS macam langit & bumi. Dah la tak lawa. suma tua2 tau. ada satu steward siap dah botak lagik. tapi english power ah. american slang. i was suprised lah, i tot dutch would speak like malaysians. anyways Hidup MAS.

I was actually suprised when told that we were going to fly with KLM. Usually it is a must to use MAS in any gomen trip overseas. Dunno la why. Nevermindlah as long as it's free eh....

This time around, i was able to observe more. Last time i was busy taking care of my family. So this time i had time of my own. but nothing new actually. only some minor things that need no further discussion :P

a first i was determine to shop. but when i was there. there were nothing for me to shop. i wanted to buy some shirts and jeans. but takde yang berkenan yang plak. yang untungnya my wife and son la.

mama got two long sleeves tshirt (she requested these actually). one esprit and the other forgot the brand lah. alip got 1 tommy hilfiger, 1 oshkosh and 1 ecko.

me? i only manage to buy some DVDs. very cheap ah. Dalam rm2 ++ a piece. i bought 8 :) 6 of them are HEROES season 1. best ah.

enuf of indon.

touch down in KLIA and i straight away shot to wangsa maju where my frens were oredi waiting. we did the usuals chatting, eating, drinking, kutuking adn laughing.

some updates. wakrin decided to reject the offer from google. suprisingly, nik & i didnt object or say anything. we respected his decision lah actually. he's a grown man. he should know what's best for him.

kazrul is expecting a new baby. that makes all of us except for wakrin lah offcourse. achik is expecting his second just like me and kazarul and nik is expecting his third child. dah tua ek kitorang. anak masing2 dah nak masuk 2 dah :) rezeki tuhan....

apa lagi nak update eh. oh ye...the title hit & run. the title is like that bcoz this would my first and last entry in May 2007. next week onwards i wont be in the office. kursus lagiiii....lama plak tu. 3 minggu...

so ok lah. got some work to do. have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!



aishah said...

expecting jugak ye.. congrats to you and anim

Azrul said...

esah > tq tq. please remind achik utk beli kasut jogging eh. dia dah promise ari tuh :)

Z.Y. said...


uhuk bila la turn aku agaknya :(

Kaza said...

aku pong ader kasut joging tapi aku main tenis sekarang ngan bebudak opis kat ttwangsa....hehehe main tenis together with seplastik teh ais....

Azrul said...

zid > sabar zid sabar....doa la selalu

kaza >teh ais ok lagi Ka....jangan sambil main sambil isap rokok dah la