Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alif ada exam

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Alif has got an exam today. Imagine a 3 and a half year old sitting for an exam. Things kids have to endure nowadays eh.

I think when i was at his age i did nothing but glued myself to the tv. Watching cartoons and singapore's kids programme (my family & I were living in JB then).

Anyways, he seems excited about the exam. Last nite my wife and alif had a revision session. at 10.30 pm i asked him to go to sleep. You know what.....he refused!!! He wanted to continue with the revision. Sooo the rajin one anak aku nih. Totally the opposite of me. I think mebbe ikut his mama kot.

Hope he'll be successful la. My mother always says that even if we are not smart enough, but if we work hard we'll be successful, insya allah. So to Alif, keep on the hardwork and abah will always pray for you.

I got this from Aishah's blog. Tq esah, aku terpaksa kidnap balik gambor nih :)

Last Sunday i went to Padang Polo for my weekends run. Nope...run is actually an overstatement. Jog would be the proper word :) Anyways, as i was jogging, suddenly i heard a scream. A woman was screaming like crazy. I stopped and watched. Rupanya, anak dia hilang. Kesian plak aku tgk. So i continue with my jog and at the same looking for a little girl.

I finished another round but couldnt find the girl, when i reached the same spot the mother and daughter were oredi reunited. Alhamdullilah. The girl was crying and the mother was crying too. And at the same time was lecturing her daughter. I didnt know what she said cause it was in chinese. But i guess something like any mother would say to her missing daughter lah.

Sib baik jumpa kan. If not it would very ironic to the mother as she was enjoying Mother's Day and at the same lose a child.

So ok la beb. Gotta go now. Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!


aishah said...

silalah kidnap balik gambar tu. mmg aku buat utk korang pun.
aritu iman pun terilang kejap kat ikea.. (aku takde mase tu.. pi baby room). mcm nak luruh gak la jantung achik dibuatnye. sib baik jumpa.. dia tgh nyorok kat bhgian kerusi kanak2. siap la kena pulas telinga lepas tu.. ehehe.

Azrul said...

esah > uishhh....stakat ni aku tak pernah lagi anak aku ilang....aku dapat bayangkan la panic dia....tolong la jgn kena kat aku....aminnn