Friday, May 23, 2008

Lepak dan dilepakkan

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

My close fren Azlan Shah Abd Latiff has a blog oredi (ko tak bgtau aku pon Lan). Good for you la Lan. He said he was inspired (sort off) by me. Me???? An inspiration??? Never tot I could be one. Anyways, his blog is entitled Warkah Vernakular (whatever that means) . Go check it out.

Yesterday, Kazarul dropped by. So i took him and his fren to Sabar Menanti for dinner. Good outing la. Things that we talked about - rubbish :) it's a guy thing lah. Offcourse we did talk about our frens. So kutuking oso involved. So to any of my frens yg terbatuk2 malam tadi, I apologize :) Biasa la kan kawan kutuk kawan. Kutuk tuh tanda sayang. ahahhaha... (Kazarul, ko kena mintak maap sendiri eh)

We did not stay long. He had to go to the jon and after that had another 'appointment' with his boss. Hmmm.....i wonder what did they do last nite?.... Jangan buat onar ye Kazarul. At least take a picture la and email one copy to me. ahahahhaha

My days at office is getting longer and longer. Dunno why. Waiting to clock out is like eternity. The only time that I treasure the most is the time with my frens. But offcourse they too have work. So when they are busy, there i was willing the clock to move its jarum panjang to 12 and jarum pendek to 5. Work is that boring now.

But now I have projects. Two projects to be exact. I'm working on it slowly la lest kalo tak jadi takde la malu. ehehehhe.... i'll reveal my projects soon. Dont worry, it's not that interesting anyway :)

so babai people. enjoy the weekend.


Kaza said...

aku mintak maap to those yang aku kutuk.... tapi aku takkan cakap siapa... so semua maap kan aku...hahahaha... aku gi karaoke ngan member.... busan lah..... tambah dosa ader la sket... tapi aku lebih kepada tido kat dalam bilik tue.... azrul.... nie page yang aku cakap ada tunnel tue...
selamat mencoba....

Azrul said...

ka > tq tq