Friday, September 12, 2008

Some bad news

Assalamualaikum & Goodday
First of all bad news. Last week I had an accident. I 'kissed' a taxi, an old Mercedez you can imagine la the damages to my car. Well, I have nothing to comment about the accident. You know what they say....shit happens :)
I also see this as a 'cash' punishment from God (Ya Allah please forgive me). I must have done something bad or maybe I was too complacent in life. I think it would definitely be the latter. Don't know la, only God knows. See, I realize that when you take bad news and see it from a religious angle, you tend to accept it pretty easily. I mean, I was frustrated, but still I was relaxed. Mebbe it's time to change car eh :P
Another bad news, my application for Master's was rejected. Well, it was expected anyway. Limited Slots vs Overwhelming Applicants + the fact that I'm still a junior in the service. But there are a few of my batch mates who got it. It's their rezeki la kan. This is my fate, and I accept it. There's always a blessing in disguise....Insya Allah

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