Wednesday, October 15, 2008

18 years ago...

Got this pic from my ex schoolmate. A picture of my rugby team. Yeah...I played rugby ok. Dont't be puzzled :) As any other rugby team, we too have a team nickname. We are the Al-Ankabooot. It's Arabic which means spider. Dunno why they picked this name. But then, it sounded cool though. eheheh....
This was taken like 18 years ago. We were in Form 1 then. Semua innocent lagi masa nih. Angelic even...ahahahhaha. You guys might be wondering why we were sporting songkok right? Well, sekolah agama maaa....F1 & F2 students must wear songkok or kopiah at anytime of the day except when you play games or go to the toilet.
Can you spot which is me? Second row. Next to the guy in the center. Yup me is the one with the gold rimmed glasses. Aahahha. Geeky huh? Anyways, the one in the center is the coach, he's actually our senior.
This team didn't last long. Me and majority of others stopped playing when we were in F2. Apparently the school management didn't think that sport is important to the students. Sheesh....camne la nak maju sukan kat Malaysia nih.


aishah said...

hehe.. cumil2 je semuanya.. mcm kenal je yg lagi sorang tu

Azrul said...

esah > ahahha....masa tu beart achik 1/3 daripada berat skang