Friday, April 20, 2007

Bestnya cutiiiiii

Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

Bestnya cutiiiiiiiii.....

Yesterday was DYMM Sultan Perak's Birthday. So cuti betulll....

In the morning went to Padang Polo for easy jog.

Balik umah je immediately tolong opah redecorate her furnitures.

Then went dating with mama. Lama siot kitorang tak dating cenggituh. We left alif with the bibik and also bribed him dgn Power Rangers punya VCD. It worked beautifully :P We left while he was watching the vcd. Sempat jugak cakap "Abah dgn Mama pg dulu ye, Alip jd good boy ok". Tak amik pot pon. Power Rangers Ruless!!!

We went to Jaya Jusco. Mannnn....i learned my lesson - never go to JJ during public holiday. I spent 20 minutes looking for parking space. Finally i decided the car needed some polish work. So anto kat tempat polish tuh and VOILA solved my parking problem.

In the JJ, orang cam semut. Ramainyeeee.

So we decided to tengok wayang. Went to TGV to watch Wild Hogs. Hillarious. Jon Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, Willian H. Macy & Marisa Tomei. All are great actors/actresses. Worth it la if you are a comedy punya fan.

After movie, pg kat VCD punya section. I promised Alip to buy him another Power Rangers vcd. After that jalan-jalan kejap and terus balik.

Malam tuh, pg umah parents aku for dinner. Mak masak nasik minyak, ayam kurma, rendang daging, rojak and one meal yg aku tatau nama dia. alaa yg ada timun, nenas cket, apa tah nama dia.

Huu...memang cannot tahan la. I had two full plates. Then ratah the ayam. Pastu ada air oren la plak. What Projek Kurus? Never heard of it......

We went back home rite after Diari AF. So tu la aktiviti aku yesterday. Bestnyeee.....

Oh ye, from sunday to wednesday next week aku kena pg Jakarta/Bandung. Again? yup..yup. But this time sponsored la. Nanti once aku balik aku ceriter ye. Have a nice weekend y'alll!!!!

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