Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 13th

Some say that we should forget about the past and instead, focus on the present and the future. I disagree.  I feel that although some of our history may not be pretty, but we still need it as a reminder to the young generation of the mistakes we made in the past.  These mistakes should not be repeated by the young as it will only hold us back and prevents us from progressing.

Recently, I came across some suggestions in blogs that we should totally forget about May 13th.  Again, I disagree.  In fact, I feel that each and everyone of us must know May 13th by heart.  The question is now, how do we do that?  Most of the infos are either too general or too hard to find.  Just look at Tunku Abd Rahman's book - May 13 : Before and After.  It's become a rare item.  Plus most of us are too busy to find time to read books.  We'd rather read blogs.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to urge all of you to read Jebat Must Die's take on May 13.  I'm not asking you to believe it bluntly, just read and analyze and learn; and if you have the time, dig deeper.  You can use the references he quoted in his posts.  It's good stuff.  Kudos to Bro JMD.  Happy reading folks.



zyrin said...

i remember, years ago, my history teacher discussing this in history class. she was an undergraduate @ UM at the time, and related her experience.

she's lucky to be alive.

i remember, a few weeks after that, asking my mom about it.

i don't remember all of what she tod me, but what i do remember makes my blood run cold.

at one point, everyone thought that my parents didn't survive.

but timing, and luck, worked in their favour.

read everything. listen to everyone. make your own conclusions.

Haiyan M. Nakhaie said...

During school, history is......boring!!!! Learning history just for the sake of EXAM! The truth is, we learn to know ourselves, our people, our nation, the mistakes. Why? So we can live a better life...

Azrul said...

muzie > betulll....baca & dengar. Tapi kena buat conclusion sendiri

haiyan > memang boring siot dulu....sebab tu la aku tak amik sejarah masa SRP dulu