Monday, May 04, 2009

Babai Bibik Asiah

My bibik went back last Saturday after more than 2 years working with us. Actually she wanted to continue working here, but her husband didn't consent.  What a pity.  She was a good bibik.  Hard working, honest and most importantly she loves my boys.  She treated them like her own.  That's the most important thing for me. 

Although she's not perfect, but I don't mind.  She's illiterate.  So sometimes it was hard for us to leave a written 'to-do' list.  It has to be verbal.  Sometimes she forgets things.  But overall, I was satisfied with her service.

My wife asked her about her plans once she got back.  She said she and her family will move to Bali and open a stall there.  She wants to sell nasi lemak and mi kari since those dishes are not available in Indon.  I hope she'll do fine.  

Her family is poor you know.  Her husband sells satay for a living.  The revenue gained from the business couldn't sustain the household expenditure.  And she was not working before she came to Malaysia.  So with the money she saved while she was here, her home now is enjoying electricity.  Yup, it's the year 2009 my friends, and they've just started to enjoy electricity.  So, the next time you to want to rant about how hard your lives are, remember bibik.

Last Saturday, she couldn't contain her sadness.  She cried when we sent her to the gate.  My MIL also cried and so did Akif.  Akif started crying when she saw his bibik cried.  I wasn't sure whether he cried because he knew bibik was leaving or because he saw bibik cried.  Akif ni sentimentel sket.  If he sees somebody cries. he too will cry.  But I think it was good that he cried, at least bibik knows or can assume that Akif will miss him.  It proves that she had done a good job.

Alif didn't cry at all.  This is not the first time for him.  This is his third bibiks already.  My wife and I, we didn't cry too.  But still, I feel a little bit sad to lose such a good bibik.  So far, my family is being blessed with good bibiks.  Alhamdulillah.  

Now, we are waiting for our fourth bibik.  Hope she'll do better or at least equals the bibiks before her.  Like I said, all that matters to me is that she treats my boys well.  Insya Allah.

To bibik Asiah, Thanks You for the good job and May Allah bless you and your family. 

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