Thursday, May 07, 2009


Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.  It's an opinion ok.  It's not about right or wrong.  It's just an opinion.

So when you opined, you'll expose yourself to criticisms.  Some maybe good and some maybe bad.  And you cannot blame the critics just because their opinions are different than yours.  Just like you, they might be right and they might be wrong.  

So if you call yourself an open minded person, please walk the talk.  Open your heart and mind to accept criticisms.  Because the truth is, nobody's perfect as the cliche says it.    

Whenever you are engaged in a heated debate, it's normal for you to stand your ground.  Defend it with all the ammos you got.  But, if you are losing, please be prepared to accept defeat too.  Losing the battle is not the same as losing the war.  Yup, another cliche.  

And please do not ridiculed people or call them harsh names just because you felt defeated or insulted or about to be defeated.  It's just so immature.  Yup, that's it.  IMMATURE!!

Impenetrable to criticisms, ridiculing people, calling names are the traits of an insecure, immature and amateur person.  I just hate these type of people.  Grow up la wei!



Anonymous said...

Opinion? funny thing about opinion. Like you said, it's neither wrong or right.

So, what if people have bad opinion about you, because of hearsay, maybe from a stranger or your friend or your secret lover or even your KL mistress or whoever... what then?

What if, people have opinion about you because of the findings or even because of the facts.

I think... debating about the opinion is no longer relevant. It's far more important to comprehend the significant of that opinion and how it will affect you, you with your peers, with your friends and more important your family.

I sincerely think that debating ones opinion, such as now, is pure waste of time... fuck!!! I'm wasting my time debating this...

Azrul said...

Anon > I think you are commenting on a different angle here.

Anyways, kalo opinion tu is based on hearsay, Then it's gossip. And, lagi satu, mulut orang memang susah nak tutup beb. Kalo ada peluang nak counter, counter la. Kalo takde, berserah je la :)