Wednesday, May 06, 2009

May 7th

Tomorrow is May 7th.  The Perak State Legislative Assembly will convene.  I bet everybody in Malaysia is waiting for what will happen tomorrow.  Some excitedly, some anxiously.

Frankly, I anticipate that tomorrow would be chaotic and catastrophic.  I just hope that all the Wakil Rakyats will actually use their brains and not to misbehave while the Tuanku is present.  I hope they would show some respect to the Tuanku.  

Despite many critics claiming the Tuanku was biased, unfair and so on and so forth.  I believe the Tuanku is a fair man.  A man of wisdom.  If he is biased, he wouldn't confer the 'Dato' Seri'ship and Dato'ship to the previous MB and his senior exco respectively.  I mean he doesn't even know these people before the last general election, and yet, as a sign of recognition of their status in the Perak Government he conferred the titles.

To the supporters form both sides of the divide, I urge that all of you to obey the law and instructions by the police.  Better still, don't go near the SUK building.  Please don't listen to rumours spreaded by the ubiquitous rumour mongers who got their infos from the kedai kopis, kedai mamaks and kopitiams.  Don't worry, the media is there, they will report the happenings inside SUK.  Just wait in front of your TVs, radios and PCs.

To my friends in SUK.  Take care of yourselves.  Don't go outside.  Stay inside your offices.  You'll never know what the supporters are capable of doing.  All is needed is just one simple provocation and all hell will break lose.  So be careful you guys.

Dunno la.  Hope for the best!

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