Thursday, July 16, 2009

Murder of Suicide

I was not in the office today as I was in a one day meeting marathon. So I was clueless and deprived of information. I didn't watch the news because I watched a delayed match of St Gallen vs Liverpool. It was a draw.

However, about 30 minutes ago, I switched on my laptop and started reading the blogs. I was shocked to find out about the death of a special officer/ polsec of a Selangor Exco member. He was found lifeless on the roof of a building adjacent to the SPRM office and believed to have fallen from the SPRM building. Before that, he was in the SPRM office to facilitate investigation regarding some corruption case. I guess by now, you guys already know about this case. So no need to elaborate lah.

The question in debate is whether he committed suicide or was he murdered. Frankly, it's too early to tell. But in my sincerest opinion, nobody from SPRM would murder him. I'm sure of that. SPRM has everything to lose by murdering him. It's ridiculous to even have that kind of idea about SPRM.

Whatever it is, I hope the police will do their best to investigate this case.

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