Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Award

I got this award from Nomee. Sorry la Nomee. Lambat ah sket. Aku busy siot.And If Im not mistaken Muzee pon ada pernah tag aku. Anyways, thanks for the award. Not sure whether I earned it or not :) But since orang dah bagi, hambik je la kan.

This is Nomee's description about me:
'Kami sama-sama di PPP. Tapi masa tu tak kenal sangat. Dah berblogging i baru ada tegur menegur dalam comment box. He is very sincere in his entries.'

First of, I'm very happy with her comment. It makes me feel good about this blog :)

Before I start to do this tag. These are the rules set that I copy paste from Nomee’s blog.

# Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
# Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
# Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.
# Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged
# Paste the award badge in your sidebar

Five interesting facts about Nomee:

1. Macam dia cakap la. Masa kat PPP dulu, kitorang tak rapat. Aku ni shy guy la beb. Tapi Nomee ni kalo ditegur pon tak kekok. Aku ingat dulu kitorang ada lepak kat student lounge in between classes. So kekadang aku ade gak join kengkawan dia borak. Dia punya layan cam dah kenal aku 20 tahun. So kira friendly la Nomee nih.

2. Orang Negeri Sembilan. Aku suka orang N9 ni sbb bahasa dia best. Lgpon sebab aku dulu pon belajar kat N9. So ada sentimental value la sket. Tp bukan sentimental value kat ko tau Nomee :)

3. Nomee ni la satu2nya budak batch aku yang kerja dalam industri hotel. Rasanya takde orang lain keje hotel nih. Tul tak Nomee?

4. Dia ni suka sangat kat Shah Alam. Dah la dulu belajar kat Shah Alam, keje pon kat Shah Alam. Teringat aku kat goreng pisang seksyen 19. Sedapnyaaaa....

5. Entry dia best gak. Ada citer hantu la, citer marah kat bos la, banyak la citer pasal life dia. Usually aku tak minat sangat baca pasal life orang nih. Sebab usually, semua orang termasuk la aku skali, life kita ni selalunya routine je. Tapi sbb mungkin Nomee nih pandai bercerita kot. Tu yang agak best tu. Sket je la. Maleh aku nak puji lebih2 :)

Ok, first step done. Nexxttttt!!!!!

10 interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies

1. My birthday - 26 December (1977). It's also the day when Malaysia was hit by Tsunami 2004. So ingat aku ingat Tsunami.

2. I value friendship. I really do. My friends are like my second family. If I'm stressed, I'll go to them to unwind. To my friends, thanks for everything. You know who you are.

3. I only had one girlfriend. She is now my wife and the mother of my boys. Kira Kekasih Awal dan Akhir la nih. We courted for about 10 years before finally tied the knot in 19 December 2003 <-- I double checked the date to make sure I got it right...ehehheh.

4. After SPM, I didn't even buy the UiTM application form. I was very berlagak and arrogant then. To me, UiTM was only for 2nd Grader. Tapi Allah itu Maha Besar, he taught me a lesson, I didn't get to further my study to USA in 97, UiTM was the only university to have opened their arms and welcomed me to join them. I eventually gruaduated with Bachelor in Accountancy (Honors) in UiTM. Ironic!

5. I hate cicak. I'm always squemish around them. But my boys do not seemed to be bothered by this cold blooded creature. Siap boleh kejar lagi. The other day, I was escorting Alif to the bathroom. He wanted to wee wee. I told him to take off his pants and then I turned on the light when suddenly a cicak fell from the ceiling. The three of us froze as we tried to decipher the situation. When the reality kicked in, all of us ran. The cicak was running away from me. I was running away from the cicak. Alif, still half naked, was running AFTER the cicak. When asked of his action, he told me 'ustazah kata kalo jumpa cicak kena bunuh, sebab dia dulu tak tolong nabi muhammad (s.a.w). Tapi kalo jumpa spider takpe. Dia tolong nabi'. Sejuk hati aku.

...penat ah...nanti aku sambung.....

updated 9.32 am 280709

6. I'm not good in receiving information through audio. Especially radio. I could memorize a complete song and still dont know what it is about. Seriously. My brain receives the info but do not process it. Unless if I force it too. I'm more of 'seing is believing' kind of guy.

7. I'm obsessed with watching TV. I could spend one whole weekend by just sitting in front of the TV. But not to the extend of being a couch potato though. Yup, my wife hates my hobby. She can only talk to me during the commercial :)

8. Other than TV, I like reading books. Thriller novels - espionage, mystery that kind of stuffs. Unfortunately, Ipoh does not have good book stores. The best store that we have is MPH. The store is small and the books are limited. Not good enough for me. That's why whenever I visit KL, I'll make sure to stop by at Kinokuniya, Times etc,etc.

9. My family is strength and it is also my weakness. Catch my drift?

10. I don't like satay. I'll not be offended if you eat satay and not offer it to me. Something about satay that really turn me off. I dont know what. I think something happened when I was small la. Maybe I had a nightmare about satay. Or maybe after watching that Sundel Bolong movie. Dunno la.

There, It's done!

I've decided not to pick 10 other poeple simply because I do not have enough blogger friends :) And those who have blogs, already did this tag. So that's it.

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Nomee said...

Salam. Thank you for doing this. Pasal satay tu, I think... sundel bolong la punya pasal.... muahahahaha !!!!