Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup 2010

I have to admit that I'm not really excited about WC 2010. I wasn't even excited 4 years ago when Italy won the coveted cup. In fact, I only knew about Italy's victory 2 days after the final game.
Reason? I don't really have the crowd to watch the matches with. All my friends are not in Ipoh. They are all in KL. Those who are in Ipoh, well I guess they'd prefer to watch from their living rooms.
You gotta admit that it's no fun to watch it alone. Even in the comfort of your own living room with your Full HD TV and Astro B.yond. It's just not the same. WC is about that carnival-like feeling. It's about having fun. And the only way I know to do this is with my friends.
I still remember the last time I really enjoyed the WC. It was in 2002 when Japan and Korea were the hosts. My friends and I went to KLCC to watch the final match. They had this big screen and of course the most important thing there were a lot of hot chicks there:D (masa tu bujang maaa.....)
But unfortunately, we were late (as usual). So we ended up watching the match at Coffee Bean on the 3rd floor of KLCC way far from the chicks. It didn't go as planned but still, it was fun, because we had each other.
But things have changed now. We have so many other important things to tend to other than WC. Sign of ageing perhaps :)
Anyways, as Kazarul correctly point out, I'm a Germany fan. But I do not think they could win this year's edition, though. The squad is too young (an average of 25 years) to win the cup. If they could reach the semis, that would be good enough for me.
So, who's gonna win? I'd put my money on either Spain or Brazil. My gut feeling says it will be the latter. Though I hope I'm wrong. I just don't like Brazil. They are so annoying. Sorry Amy :)
Spain is ranked first when this competition started. Judging from their star studded line up, the WC is theirs to lose. However, as I recall it, they hardly do well in WC. It's their jinx I guess.
Other teams to watch would be Argentina and Holland. They could make a surprise if they play their cards well. England? No hope. The popular team is nothing more than just being popular. Quality wise, they still have a long way to go.
Well, that's my take. Bets anyone?!!! :)


Yanti Arshad said...


firstly, i'm a big fan of Argentina. (in fact i watched all Arg's game)

true, no fun watching it alone. But do i hv any other choice? i dont think it wud be proper for me, a middle age malay lady, bertudung, a wife, a mother, to watch WC at mamak stall sambil menjerit GOLLLL!

For me, there are 3 main ingredients while watching WC... shouting, laughing, 'kutuking'!

what say you?

p/s: Germany dah boleh prepare pack baju utk balik. heheheh....

Amy said...

Haha no worries..aku pun tak confident Brazil will win this year. But definitely menunggu aksi Spain, Argentina, Germany..Portugal aku tak suka hehe

Azrul said...

Yanti > True, mamak stalls are not for everyone. But it doesn't have to be at a mamak stall. It could be at a friend's house or anywhere else for that matter. As long as your favourite people are there. It's not about the place, it's about the bonding :)

p/s: Germany is through :)

Amy > Now it's anybody's cup for grab. Let's see la eh...

Kaza said...

hahahaha.... i tought i lost you there when you said you were at klcc watching wc2002.... (mana aku pigi...) then suddenly bila ko cakap dok tengok the match from kafebeen.... i laugh-out-very-the-loud-one..... i was there...... mencangkung tepi tingkap..... with you guys nengok bola...hahahaha...

well the finalist wc2006 semua sudah balik...... waiting form spain to do the same call.... it's all about JABULANI.......