Sunday, June 27, 2010

Germany Vs England

Updated 28062010 0100 hrs

Wow.....I didn't expect Germany could win this big. 4-1 at this level of football is a superb result. But I reckon things could go differently had the referee allowed England's second goal. It was clearly in. Hard luck for England.

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It's a classic match! I shit you not. Though I would bask in the two teams meet in later stage, but as Joan of Arc says it - sooner is better. Ehehehh....

It's a definitely a 50-50 chance for both teams. But frankly, I reluctantly have to admit that England has a slightly better edge over Germany. Germany is having problem in the engine room with the injury of Bastian Schwiensteiger. While England will rely on its Gerrard-Lampard collaboration with Wayne Rooney on the attack.

On paper, I'd say it will go to England given their star studded team. But popularity won't bring you victory. It would be a mistake to discard Germany as they are known as a very disciplined team. The have youth and talent on their side.

My prediction; it would be a close match. Most probably be dragged into extra time or possibly a penalty shoot out as the decider. Well, we shall see.

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Yanti Arshad said...


Hopefully the referee will learn from
that incident.

see u in quater final, Arg vs Ger!
let's keep our fingers crossed.