Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pudu Jail

Ok before we go to the Pudu Jail issue, let's talk about the WC!

Asians' challenge in the WC ended just now when their last representative - Japan a.k.a The Blue Samurai - lost to Paraguay. The winners, were decided through penalty shootout. Well, there's no saddest way to lose a match but penalty shootout. It's truly tragic. But nevertheless, there's no shame in it either. It's purely luck (or hard luck, depending on how you see it). The Japanese players should return home to the Land of the Rising Sun with their heads held high as they are not losers. Just hard luck....

Now, Pudu Jail.

I think to say that Pudu Jail didn't play a role in the nation's history would be very ignorant. It was said that:

for a structure to be regarded as such, it must be of immense national significance as well as having historical, aesthetical and architectural values

and Pudu Jail does not possess those qualities? Are you sure? Come onnnn......the oldest correctional facility in the country must have something right? And what about sentimental value? Doesn't that count? No? Yes? Of course it counts!!! The building is 115 years old for crying out loud! It once housed thousands of criminals, scums of the society, keeping them away from the general population. Ain't that enough for 'significance'?

Look, I'm sure the majority Malaysians are not against the proposal to develop the land. We have to admit it, we need the development. But at the same time, we too cannot afford to lose the history of the area. All we want is for the government to consider to at least leave a piece of the history for future generation to appreciate.

I support the Minister's proposal to leave the arch of the jail. I think that's good enough. Just like the A'Famosa in Malacca. In fact, the theme of the development should revolve around the Pudu Jail. Yup, it would be weird to have mall named like 'Jailhouse Mall' or apartment named as 'The Gallows'. doesn't have to be that extreme right.....but that's the gist. Preserve the history, cherish the memories. That would suffice. That would be just.....

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Yanti Arshad said...

The Gallows? Jailhouse Mall? Biar betul!