Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kuantan & KL

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Last week (Wed-Fri) i was in Kuantan. De Rhu Beach Resort. I didnt like that hotel.

For the first time in my life, i had to sign a deposit slip for a TV remote control. They gave the remote during check in and i was supposed to return it during check out. If i lost the remote i have to pay RM 100. The remote is not new you know. It's ancient!!!! Penuh dengan 'selotape'....GILA

On Friday i singgah kejap kat KL. Met the NZ gang. The usual suspects were there except for Kazarul who was in Melaka. And this time Nik was there too.

Nik is fatter and balder now :) He's 88kg !!!! ehehehh....i'm thinner than him. i did kutuk him on his 'spare tyre'. His answer was 'aku takpe rul, aku pumping iron...' ahahahah...whatever la Nik. To me if you are overweight, you are overweight lah :) Anyways, he gave me some tips on fitness. TQ Nik.

It turned out that wakrin didnt reject the offer from google. It's just that he needed more time to think. Upon hearing this, Nik & I basuh him cukup2 lah. I mean I would kill to work in New York or California....wakrin on the other hand seems doubtful. Basuh ponya basuh, he promised that he would return the call from Google to set the interview.

Gila ah....interview pon kat NY tuuuhhhh....pegi la wakrin...u got nothing to lose bro. It's only an interview....

Achik is now hating his job. He went for a job interview as a lecturer. Until today i couldnt picture him as a lecturer. Good luck la achik.

Furthermore, now achik & nik are interested in agricultural projects. i gave them some tips and they seemed 'semangat'. But dunno la this people, i've been knowing them for the last decade. so i learned not to be excited too early :) see how la....

btw they are interested in doing Ikan Keli Dalam Kanvas and Lembu Susu :)


Nadia said...

nanti kem salam "assalamualaikum" kat nik & kaza. ntah diorang ingat lagi ke tak kat aku. haha.

projek agriculture tu mmg sempoi, tapi kena betui2 komited la. mcm ada sorang member aku ni ha (budak ppp gak, tapi senior kite). baru je kantoi projek ikan blontok dia. demand mmg tinggi, tapi suppy plak dia takleh nak handle. sayang betui..

google? new york? perghhhhhhhhhh!!!...dasat..dasat..

Azrul said...

nana >no prob...nanti aku kem salam ye...pasal projek agriculture mmg best...tapi bebudak ni tatau la...kekadang tu yo-yo-o je... :)

zeedayazid said...

OMG INTVW IN NYC?? farkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

he'd be crazy not to take it! ko basuh dia sampai dia bersih ok! bertuahnya ijannnnn... *sobs* i so jeresssss.

ps: bila kita nak pegi usa ni wei?

Azrul said...

zid > tu la pasal....camne dia bleh 'need time to think' pon aku tatau la. orang dah bagi tuh hambik je la kan...

USA, one day i'll be there. that's a promise