Friday, April 13, 2007

Assorted Post

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I'm currently annoyed with Blogspot. Everytime I click on the New Post page, the message is usually 'Done, with error'. It means that i can still post, but with limited functions. For example, i cant use the font color & font size options. This really annoys me lah. I dunno who's fault is it. Me or the host. Just wish that it could be rectified ASAP.

I did some blog hopping yesterday, and found out that Live Journal offers coooooleerr templates. Kalo tak caya go to ( see, i cant even use the "link" function )


This week was an uninteresting one.

On monday the office had a budget screening in Penang. Good meeting that was. Most of our 'one-off' requests were approved. After the meeting went to chowrasta to buy some buah pala and jeruk. Then, went for a Nasi Kandar Penang session. Got back to Ipoh by 12 midnite.

The rest of the week was boring. Some of the work had to be delayed or cancel due to some meddling by the politicians ( i soooo hate politicians). Some completed way ahead of time which left me with too many time to kill. Aku ni efficient sangat ke eh? Hopefully lah....


Just now i had a crave for roti canai. ekceli i've been having this craving since Monday. So tadi cannot tahan anymore. So i went out to the nearest kedai mamak just to indulge mamak tuh punya roti canai.

But now i have another crave ( macam orang mengandung la plak ). I so want Kopi Bin's Ice Blended. Been soooo long since i last drank that overpriced ABC. I think since i moved to ipoh, i have never been to the Kopi Bin outlet. Dunno why.

When i was still in KL, at least once a week mesti pg lepak kat kopi bin. Usually with kazarul & zid. We were like orang kaya who didnt know how to spend our money :) We usually lepak at kopi bin near Ampang Point. Why? Because it was near to zid's office. That woman kalo jauh2 memang la dia maleh nak join. Sori Zid....eheheh...

But it was fun ya know. Eventho we knew that the drinks were drilling holes in our pockets, but we didnt care. Bujang oiii masa tuh....we dont care shit. We enjoyed pretending to be yuppies :)
But that was then, now we matured oredi ( eh yeke? )


It's funny how TV could tailor our principle eh...take Grey's Anatomy for example. The only time u can see women approve a married man having an affair. I guess Derek is a very lucky guy. Women adore him eventho he's a cheater. How could he cheats when he oredi has a hot wife ( yeah i think Addison is YUMMY ). and i hate Meredith, i think she's sooo weak lah.

But then i guess love could melt the strongest man/woman init? Life's like that la. Have a nice weekend!!


zyrin said...

pernah try blogspot, blogdrive, blogspirit, wordpress & multiply. livejournal tak pernah lagi.

i actually like wordpress. tapi rasa mcm sayang bebenar nak tinggalkan blogspot yang dah hmpr 3 tahun guna ni kan...

-- muzie yang tengah minum st*rbucks green tea frappe... srootttt srottt...--

Amy said...

Tak kira..ko kutuk Derek..aku kena defend. Addison main kayu tiga dulu la, sian Derek pastu dia jumpa lak Meredith, dia jatuh chenta la..keh keh. Yummy ke Addison tuh? Mata kuyu jek, boring ah ehehhe.
Bestnya makan nasi kandaq kat Penang.. aku rindu!!!

Azrul said...

zyrin > aku pon maleh nak tukor2 dah. tapi geram jugak ah...oitt...starbuck aku boikot sbb dia support israel :P

amy > ehehhe...tu la amy...dah tau addison main kayu tiga...divorce je la...yg dia simpan tuh watper...kalo dia sign paper divorce tuh abih cerita...part yummy tuh aku rasa sbb dalam citer tuh dia je yg cun kot...manader yg lain...except for izzie lah :P

zeedayazid said...

woit kutuk aku lagi.

takpe. ada lori ada bas.

ps: tapi mmg besh zaman dolu2 masa muda belia. yeke kita dah matured? i'm still jimmy's baby. hehe. define maturity.

Azrul said...

zid > gud question eh...aku tatau la how to define maturity. mebbe next post aku bleh write on this :)

zyrin said...

chet. x brjaya menyebabkan dia jeles.