Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A baby was raped and sodomised. WTF? What kind of society are we? Have we lost our mercy Have we lost our conscience ? For God's sake, she's only a baby!!!!
If this happened to my babies, I will not report it to the police. I WILL take the law into my own hand. I WILL kill the perp slowly and painfully with my own bare hands. Then I'll chop the remains into tiny pieces and feed them to the dogs. DAMN IT!!!! Words can't really describe how I'm feeling right now.


klynnismail said...

ya Allah.. kejinya.
your statement reminds me of cerita a time to kill.

aishah badaruddin said...

aku pun tak sanggup nak baca cerita2 mcm ni.. buang baby merata2 la.. sgt marah dan sedih.

Azrul said...

Klynn > betul tu...cam a time to kill. memang elok la kena macam tu...

esah > kan....tu sebab ko ada anak....sebab tu la ko bleh rasa..