Friday, February 20, 2009

Upin and Ipin

I heard from the radio this morning, our locally produced animated film 'Geng - Pengembaraan Bermula' featuring Upin & Ipin has already collected RM2.2 million in 7 days!!!! All tickets in major cinemas are sold out!! Morever, the Upin & Ipin series is currently being viewed in Indonesia and Turkey. Some other TV stations from other countries have also expressed their interest on the series.
Wowwww....I guess we are not so bad after all. Kudos to Les' Copaque! Malaysia Boleh!


ajezack said...

aku tak pernah follow pun series tu kat tv but i am going to watch the movie tomorrow to see the quality.. hope it will be worth the money n give me something to be proud of being a malaysian.. whhich is very hard to do nowadays.

Azrul said...

aje > love the country beb, not the leaders

zyrin said...

aku over the weekend siap cari lagi episode2 upin & ipin kat youtube. comel giler!

Azrul said...

muzie > aku suka bila diorang cakap : Betul, Betul, Betul!