Thursday, February 05, 2009

of Perak

Yesterday, my normally calm and peaceful town of Ipoh was struck with chaos.
Today, the plot thickens. Since morning, waves of news kept everybody on their toes. Everybody looks calm on the outside, but inside, a volcano of emotions are just waiting to erupt. This is so unsettling.
Tomorrow, only time will tell.
Just wish this political quagmire will end soon so that the people of Perak could enjoy normalcy as they should. Insya Allah


ajezack said...

Dr. Zamby is my fav lecturer back in UIA.. he got sense of humor and humble.. i hope he is the same man i used to know..

Amy said...

Aku dok nunggu je update ko beb. Tadi tengok kat berita pasal raja nazrin punya keta kena tahan...siap baring atas jalan...perghh. Aku dok teringat ko je and dok imagine camner korang kat sana..update update please :)

Azrul said...

Aje > he is by far the best candidate available la. hope dia boleh handle pressure

Amy > nanti aku update. kitorang tgh bz pasal jubli perak ni. next week ok la kot