Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mates!

Today marks my 5th year in the Government. There are ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, jubilation and frustration. But one thing for sure, NO REGRETS!
I love this country, and I love serving it. Some people, especially outside the government service may not understand this sentiment. To them, serving the Government infers to laziness, complacency, and boredom. Well, I dont mind, they just don't know the real deal :)
To all Batch 1/2004. Happy Anniversary. May Allah Bless You!!
Your obedient servant,
Azrul Sani Ibrahim

Kat INTURA, first week of service. Sumer innocent jer

Kat depan audi INTAN

Masa ni kelas akaun kalo tak silap


Bahau Otai said...

Gambar yang pertama memang ko suke eh? Nak jugak amik gambar ngan adik...hehehhe

zyrin said...

happy anniversary to you, too!

kita dah masuk tadika, weihhh... hehehehe...