Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pita Merah

A guy complained to me that the government delivery system is flawed with too much red tapes.  He said that if the government could remove the red tapes the public would be much happier and would save a lot of everybody's time.

I told him I agreed but didn't elaborate more.  Malas....  Not in the mood to debate this never ending issue.

Just to explain why do we need red tapes.  The red tapes are designed as an internal control mechanism and monitoring purposes.  This is to ensure that fraudulent and misrepresentation activities could be curbed.  Also, it is an effort to foster integrity among the government servants.

After all, the public have been complaining that government servants are involved in shady dealings or there are too many grey areas in government procedures which are prone to manipulations and unfairness.  So, to solve this, we came up with a stringent and more rigid procedures.  And yet the complaints continue.

And you may ask....if the procedures are so rigid, why there are still government servants being charged of corruption?  Well, I guess we need to come up with more red tapes :)

The government can never win I tell you.  Buat salah tak buat pob salah :)  But you know what?  We serve the public, and the public is our boss, and the boss in always right.  So be patient, no matter how ridiculous the demand gets sometime. 

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