Monday, June 01, 2009


With the completion of the FA Cup Final last Saturday, the EPL 2008-2009 season is officially over.  Congratulation to the winners.  As for my team, Liverpool, we didn't win anything this season.  But we gave a hell of fight though.  We sure gave Man United a run for their money.  Well, better luck next season.

I feel that, Liverpool would do better next season.  Hopefully, we'll manage to lure some good players to the club.  I heard the management is trying to fish some players, inter alia, Tevez and Eto'o.  And I do hope that they'll offload the non performers such Lucas and Voronin.  And please don't let Alonso go.  He's such an asset to the club.  Same goes to Agger, he might not be at his best now, but I think he'll be better. 

My love story with Liverpool started when I was very young.  I think I was in standard 1 or 2.  My father is a Liverpool fan too, so we used to watch the game together.  Actually, I wasn't really interested in watching the game, but I had to or rather forced to.  I wanted to watch cartoons, but since we only have one TV, I forced myself to wait until the game was over.  But of course, once the game was over, the cartoon was over too.  So, since I cannot menderhaka to my father, I decided to join him.   That's my Liverpool story.

I think most Liverpool fans, became a fan in the 80's.  That was when Liverpool was the king of the premier league.  Names like Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Peter Beardsly, John Barnes, Bruce Grobbelaar, Garry Ablett and many more were dancing on the lips of fans not only in Malaysia but the world over.

And I believe, that's also how MU fans became MU Fans.  Most of them started to follow MU in the 90's.  Because, that was when MU were topping the EPL league table and they still do.  And (I think) this is why MU got more fans than any other teams in the world.  Because, in the 90's, EPL games were broad casted much more frequently and also there was the introduction of cable tv.  They peaked at the right time.

Generally, Liverpool fans and MU fans hate each other.  ahahhahaa....but it's not as bad as it sounds.  We just enjoy the rivalry.  As for me, I don't really hate Man U as a team.  I hate Ronaldo and to some extent Rooney as well.  I don't know why.  I guess they look a little arrogant in my eyes, especially Ronaldo.  

But you know what, at the end of the day, both fans share something in common - our passion for football.  We just love the entertainment produced by the EPL.  Malaysian Super League will have to learn more.  And please do it quickly.  Alaaa....malas la plak nak comment on MSL.  I think I'll only comment on MSL when I feel they have taken a genuine effort to uplift the Malaysian Football.  Before that time comes, I'll stick with EPL.

Ok folks, see you next season!!!

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