Monday, June 29, 2009


I sat for my TOEFL test last Saturday.

It was tougher compared to the first one I sat in 1997. 12 years could really changes things huh :)

Nevertheless, it wasn't undoable. It was just tougher.

Basically, I felt could have done better. I fumbled in the first section. Miscalculating the time given to me and eventually I missed the last question. It was simple actually, there was a reading passage and then some questions to answer, but the passage was so technical in nature, I had to read it twice before I could really understand the whole idea. It was about geothermal energy, and how it could be used to warm homes and be generated as electricity. And since I'm not a science freak, I couldn't really capture the idea of the passage.

The fumble really derailed me of my confidence. I was a little bit jumpy after that. To make it more frustrating, the rest of the reading passages were also technical in nature, the 2nd one was about infant amnesia, it discusses about why we cannot remember anything before we reach 3 years old. Again, the passage was flooded with a lot of annoying science jargon. And the third passage was about how did man develop the needs for agriculture. Ntah hape2 ntah, citer pasal ice age la, nomadic tribes la, anthropology la.

Mannn....I hope I'll pass this test. The JPA requirement is 92. I hope I could make it. Janji lepas. I guess I need to tune my mindset. It's not easy to go back to school you know. I left UiTM in 2000. It has been 9 years now. My brain has developed a lot of rust.

I hope I'll be ready for my Master's. I still have time. Hopefully....Insya Allah


Strictly English TOEFL Tutor said...

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Anonymous said...


This Azrul Sani should be your good self right?

-Junior SMAP-

Azrul said...

Anon> yup, yours truly :)