Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Education Minister wants the public to give feedback on whether English should be a 'must pass' subject in order for a student to obtain an SPM.

Well, maybe the Minister doesn't know that if you fail your BM, you still could get you SPM.  Of course you wont be getting Grade 1.  But still, it's a SPM.  This is during my time, I reckon it's still the same now.  But if I'm wrong, please correct me.  You know la, it's been 15 years since my last day at school.  I might need to do some catching up.  

Update - Aishah clears the air for me.  If you fail BM, you will only get SAP not SPM, you need to take July paper and pass to qualify for SPM.  But if you score P7 or P8, you still could get your SPM but downgraded to Grade 2 eventhough you score A for all other subjects.  Thanks Esah!!   

I think before making English a 'must pass' subject, the Ministry should impose the 'must pass' criteria on BM first.  It's our National Language whattt....and this is a fact nobody can deny.   

And, what's the story about they don't teach grammar at schools anymore???  WTF???  I don't understand this.  Why la?  During my time, we were taught grammar since primary school, and yet sometimes my grammar still koyak.

I think this must has something to do with incompetent teachers.  When the teacher's grammar is mediocre, then how is he/she supposed to teach the students?  Well, that's my theory.  


aishah said...

kalau tak silap. BM mmg wajib pass dari zaman dulu lagi.. kalau tak pass, dapat SAP (sijil ambil periksa) shj..

Azrul said...

esah > betul la esah...SAP kan dia panggil....kalo nak SPM kena amik July paper....Thanks for the info