Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out of Town

I'm now at Damai Laut. Attending a course.

The first time I was here, it was my honeymoon. Yup. Nothing fancy. Just Damai Laut.

Well, we actually planned for Sabah or Bali. But then, there were constraints : time, logistic and to some extend, money. So my wife and I decided to go for a 'mini honeymoon' first and after a month or so we'd go for a real one.

But we could only plan....

We got married in December 03. In January 04, we find out that my wife was pregnant. So everything was cancelled.

Damai Laut seems like it was before. Peaceful and romantic.

Just now decided to go for a walk. You know, just to reminisce old times. Found the gym instead. Tried the treadmill. Injured my ankle. Sheehhss.....

As I said, we could only plan. I'm now limping..... :)


Anonymous said...

i wish i could join u, azrol.. tapi dato i tak bagi..

Azrul said...

zul > bese la....kita kena la ikut cakap bos bro