Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Astro Sucks

I'm Pissed with Astro!

I received a letter yesterday. Astro will be increasing my monthly bill starting next month.

Reason being : the cost of airing the sport channels has increased and they can no longer absorb the cost.

I have no complaint about the cost. But I'm annoyed with the sport channels. You see, Astro has this one channel dedicated solely to golf - The Golf Channel. And yet, other sport channels such as ESPN & StarSport are still airing golf programs. Why la? You have a dedicated channel then stick to one channel only la. It's not fair to non golfers, dont you think?

The Non-Golfers are actually absorbing the cost of the Golf Channel!!! I think the Golf Channel should only be offered through additional subscription. Just like Turbo Channel. So, if you are a golf aficionado, by all means, subcribe the channel. That's how Astro should make their money. Not by making others to equally absorb the cost.

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