Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1 year

Today completes my full year in my new office. Wooww..... I can't even believe myself that I've made it this far.

Since I set foot in this office, all I could think of was how to get out of this office. I believed then, that I was not the right person to head this office. I felt that I did not have the right persona for this job. And guess what, my view hasn't changed.

I couldn't achieve satisfaction in this job. The only thing that kept me going was the freedom it provides me. I technically don't have a boss. I am the boss of this office. I am the capo di tutti capi. I rule this office according to my whims. Well.....the majority of it... since I still have to report to my immediate superior once in a while. But that certainly doesn't kill the fun.

The job comes with heavy responsibility. Even though all I did was giving out orders, but the way the orders were carried out by my staffs reflect upon me. But alhamdulillah, I inherited a group of dedicated people who are professionals and transparent in carrying out their responsibilities. And I think they are also happy to have me on board (so far la).

I do have many sweet memories during my tenure here. For instance, last week I got a visit by a drunken guy. The guy came one day - drunk of course or maybe half drunk. As he entered my office, I could smell his breathe which was laced with alcohol. I told myself that this could be trouble. But I kept my composure and invited him to sit.

He started telling me his problem. He is a red ic holder. He's been applying to get a blue ic for as long as he has lived. He claimed he is pure Malaysian. His father was a blue ic bearer and so do all his children. He further iterated that his wish before he dies is to cast vote in the election. And of course, being drunk, he digressed a lot.

Me, not being able to bear with his pungent breathe offered him a solution. I wrote a letter to the National Registration Agency requesting them to help him with his problem. He was happy when he got the letter and left.

I thought that was it, but noooo....the next day he came back, still drunk at 8.30 in the morning!! He told me that the officers at the NRA didn't want to entertain him. I think I know why. Aiseh....I thought I could taichi this problem to NRA but apparently they have better taichi than me.....hampeh

But still, I entertained the guy. He reiterated the same story as before. So I said, I would help him to write another letter. Then suddenly he stopped talking and gave a scary grin.

"You know ah Tuan, saya suda 60 tahun duduk ini tempat. You are the only CADO who invite a kaki botol like me into your ....what you call this?? ahhh...your parliament!!!"... "you memang baik la Tuan. I salute you sir!!! so ini hal takpa la tuan. Forget about it. You layan saya ini macam pon sudah bagus. Thank you sir!!"

"No problem....saya cuma buat kerja saya saja....."

"Noooo!!!!! you BAIKKK!!!!" he screamed

"You sorang saja kata saya baik. Orang lain tak kata pon....tapi no problem laaa"

"Nooo.....You BAIKKKK!!!!!" he screamed again and this time louder. "I'll tell eveyone you are BAIKK!!!! Please sir, jangan pindah. Tunggu saya mati baru pindah...."

"Ye la.... ye la..."

"ok sir sir see you"....before he left he did this gesture like a hindu always does - he bowed as if he was touching my feet. Then he left.

After he left. I had this awkward feeling. I felt content. I didn't know why. As much as I hate having him in my office, this guy actually gave me something to cheer. I'm guessing maybe because he was drunk. A drunk always tells the sincerest truth. So maybe he was really sincere in appreciating my help.

You see, everyday I get a lot of people coming to see me. All of them are hypocrites. They pretend to smile and show appreciation and always say something good to me. These are all pembodeks. They only come to me when they need my help. And they thought I was such a fool to fall for it. I'm not a child la. I used to be a salesman so I'd know who is sincere and who is main wayang.

But since I've taken an oath to serve this country. I still entertain these pembodeks in the name of professionalism. I just hope that the society would change someday.

to the drunk guy whose name I've forgotten, thank you sir.


Amy said...

ADO - Asisstant District Officer. C tu stands for what eh beb? Best kan rasa bila org cakap thank you :)

Azrul said...

Amy > Ya betulll....memang best bila orang appreciate. Just a simple tq would be more than enough. C tu stand for Chief.

Anonymous said...

you memang bbaekk :)


Azrul said...

wanna > I memang baekkk punya! ahahh