Monday, October 19, 2009

My Raya Ups and Downs

Syawal 1430H has ended with many memories, good ones and not so good. I decided to wait until today to post my Hari Raya entry. I feel that Hari Raya post will become a cliche if you post it right after Hari Raya holidays. So I waited.

My ups
I believe that I've performed better in the Ramadhan. I mean I was a better Muslim this year. I do not to elaborate. Just to make things clear, it has nothing to do with my ability to fast ok. I've been fasting full since I was in primary school ok.

I received nearly 200 hundred SMSes wishing me Selamat Hari Raya. Thanks you guys!

This year, for the first time we were able to wear our Baju Rayas with the same color theme. Turquoise. I'm very happy.

Raya preparation went smoothly. There was a minor hiccup with my wife Baju Raya. But we manage to solve it.

My uncles and aunties gathered at my parents house on the first day of raya. We haven't been able to do that since my grandmother passed away in 2001. When she was gone, my mom's siblings seemed lost and we celebrated Hari Raya in small groups. But this year almost everyone were there. I could see the happiness in my mom's face to see all of her adik-adiks to visit her. We are actually a big family you know. My mom is the eldest of 10 siblings. I have more that 40 cousins. We used to have more than 50 people in my grandparents' house on Raya eve. Can you imagine the chaos? :)

My office organized a Majlis Hari Raya. We invited all HODs, Village Heads, etc, etc. It was a blast, full house.

My Downs

I sent out 50 raya cards to my friends. Only one replied. The rest, they prefer SMS. It's not that I do not appreciate SMSes. But the feeling in different. Getting a card brings more joy to me.

My car broke down of Raya ke4. We were on our way to Sg Petani to attend a friend's wedding. The feul pump was the culprit. The car broke down in Bukit Merah. I had no choice but to have it towed. The nearest Proton Service center was in Taiping. So the car was towed while all of us were in the car. To make things worst, that day was the day the Celcom's network crashed. I couldn't call anyone for help. This is my most frustrating experience ever.

My car repair works cost me a little more than 1k. That really swung my budget for Hari Raya. So now I'm a little bit tight in cash.

The day after my car was brought back from the workshop, the battery conked. Another RM250 went down the drain.

So that's how I spent my Syawal 1430H. Lebih kurang. Of course these are just the significant ones. But basically, apart from being tight in cash. Everything went according to plan.

tidor sebab kepanasan

punya la panas dalam kereta sampai merah muka diorang
Di atas tow truck
aku yang tengah termenung
alif main basikal di pagi raya
yang ni pon sama

My wife and I


Amy said...

Ko nampak susut la weHH..

Azrul said...

amy > aisey man amyyyy.....sib baik la ko jauh....kalo tak aku dah hantar satu barrel kfc dah. ehhehe....dengar tu semua....amy cakap aku dah susut....ehehh