Thursday, October 22, 2009

Motherly Role

My wife is currently away. She's in Beijing on a company's trip. So, I'm left at home with the boys. She's never been on a company's trip before. She's always excused herself and I too, was reluctant to let her go. But this time, I think it's time for her to really enjoy herself.

This would her first time to be away from the boys. You see, since 19the December 2003, she has never stopped from being a wife nor a mother. So, I see this as a gift to her. This is her break from home so that she could enjoy her time with her friends.

It's time for me to endure the experience of being a mother. Eheheh...well, I see this as an opportunity to bond with the boys. They need to know that they could depend on me too.

The boys have never slept without her mother on their sides. This would be their first. Well, that's not entirely true eh. Alif did sleep with me when my wife gave birth to Akif. For one night only. Now, they are going to spend 5 nights without her.

Last night was the first. Alif was cool. Maybe he's more mature now. But Akif had some problem facing the fact that his mother is not around. He kept asking and when I explained, he cried. Luckily dia ni senang nak pujuk.

This morning, he woke up at 6.45 and immediately jumped out of bed and called for his mother. When he realized she's not around he cried again. But just for a while though. Once he was calm, he was back to his normal self.

So, overall, everything seems to be fine. I hope I could maintain the momentum. Insya Allah

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