Monday, October 19, 2009

Ah, Liverpool

I surrender. I have given up hope on Liverpool's challenge this year.

On Saturday they stamped their worst ever season in recent years. They suffered their 4th defeat in 9 games. Unbelievably miserable.

The loss was actually conceded with the 'help' of their own fan. A boy threw a beach ball into the pitch. Later, a shot by a Sunderland striker hit the beach ball and deflected it into the goal leaving Pepe Reina helpless.

I saw the goal and I immediately knew that the game was not worthwhile to watch.

The line up was also a 'kamikaze' one as described by a friend of mine. No Gerrard, Torres and Mascherano. Leaving the midfield to Lucas 'hopeless' Leiva and a rookie by the name of Spearing. The flanks were occupied by Benayoun and Babel. Kuyt was the lone striker. In defence, the manager decided to field 5 defenders. Looking at result, he should have put everybody in defence. ehehehh.....

Hmmmm.....the match had stripped Liverpool true ability. They do not have formidable subtitutes. So when Gerrard is injured, they might as well throw the game before it even started.

But to say that is actually unfair. There were a lot of matches in previous seasons where the team was unable to field its first 11. But still they could managed a victory. There's something about this season that really bothers them. I don't know what. But if I had to guess, it would be because of losing Xabi Alonso. So far Lucas is always hopeless. Aquilani has yet to debut.

The manager needs to do something fast. Or else the players will slowly lose their confidence in the team. This might prompt them to flee next season and hence weaken the team even more.

As for me, I would be happy if Liverpool finishes as top four. Bye-bye Premier League, bye-bye Champion's League. Better luck next year.

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