Friday, December 19, 2008

French Connection

I have always wanted to go to France. I'm captivated by its reputation as romantic & old city. But to visit France, it'll cost me a fortune. I might have to sell my car :) Because of that and also with the spirit of cuti-cuti Malaysia, my family & I went to Bukit Tinggi instead. I LOVED IT!!!
Since story telling is not really my forte, I'll let the pictures to tell the story. But to those who haven't got the chance to go, you better go. To me it's worth it.

at main gate

family pic

akif & me
akif's amazing panda advanture
fire dancers, the one on the left actually eats fire....tu yg alif takut tu
fire dancers in action
dinner at La Flamme
alif & me
mat rempit
at japanese garden
minat rempit
lumut at japenese garden, cam carpet kan
bus ride
in front of the Chatteu
santa's latest elf
at Colmar Tropicale, based on the exact village of Colmar in France
takde apa ni, saje snap this pic coz I nampak cantik je susunan makanan tu :)

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