Wednesday, December 03, 2008

How la?

I've been eating non stop since Hari Raya. Yup, it's that long. Now my body is ballooning. I could only smile when I saw my fat laden body in the mirror. Tensen ah. I think this is how my body retaliates after a month of fasting. ehehh... It's payback time, they say. I really need to put a stop on all this. Bersedialah lemak-lemak semua. Your honeymoon is over.
The weather is not helping either. It's been raining almost everyday here in Ipoh. So I cant run. I really miss running. I think my sneakers merajuk oredi as I've been abandoning them for quite sometime now. All I do now is playing badminton once a week. Tu pon dalam 90 minutes je. It's just not enough lah.
I think I want to start going to the gym la. But gym will cost me. Dunno la. It seems that gym is the best available solution at the moment. How la?

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me said...

beli threadmill and run kat living room sambil tengok tv...boley?