Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Scene One
I went to Padang Polo recently to jog. As I was jogging, I saw something that really really irked me. A lady was walking her dog, not just walking ok, along the way, the dog would stop and did its business. WTF???!!!
Scene Two
One day, I went to have breakfast at a coffee shop near my home. As I was entering the shop, I saw a couple. There was a basket on a chair next to them. In the basket, there was a dog. WTF????!!!!
On both occasions, I just lost interest in whatever I was doing. Frustrated. Disappointed. Angry. Insulted.
I think these people have problems living in society. They are not ignorance. But they are merely arrogance. They are idiots. They do not deserve to be in this country.
As we all know, a public park and a coffee shop are meant for public. When it's a public area, there are norms that should be adhered to by all and sundry. By bringing a pet that you know will cause uneasy feelings among others are just plainly arrogant. Or should I say racist? Are they trying to send a message that they don't give a crap about others and all they need is their own kind?
These are exactly the kind of attitudes that could turn a non-racist to a racist. A total disregard of social sensitivities and respect for others. Sure, this is a free country, but please be considerate. Don't be soooo busuk hati to others. And please don't tell me you do not know. That's so fu*king lame. Fu*k YOU!!!!
I think I wont tolerate anymore. All this while, I believed in mutual respect. I tried my best to respect others. But it seems that some people just do not care. So why should I care? The scenes above are just the tip of the iceberg. There's more. But before this, my stand was, humans are not perfect, and we tend to make mistakes. But to do the same mistakes over and over again is just stupid and unacceptable.


JueOny said...

through experience memang xda but through hollywood movie, setiap kali depa bawa dog ke park they will bring a plastic to collect back the dog s*t, meaning that its not only to respect others but also it is an ethics. We the malaysian nak maju tapi akal masih di takuk lama.

Azrul said...

jue > kan?...camtu baru la civilized tul tak?...aku tak paham betul la org mesia...selfish betul