Friday, April 03, 2009

Aku pon follow American Idol jugak

I don't know why I follow this season's American Idols.  I never did.  Something about this season attracts my attention.  I think maybe because the inclusion of Kara Dioguardi.  She's interesting eh :)  Or maybe because Akedemi Fantasia sucks like hell :D

Anyway, Megan Joy was voted out last night.   There goes the hottest chick in American Idol.  Well, she did performed poorly, though.  But I like her.  I like her gestures while she sings.  Cute :)

My take on American Idol this season - the title is between gokey and lambert.  Gokey's strong point is his emotion while Lambert's is his vocal.  Since I'm a rocker in heart (really?), so I kinda hope that Lambert would win this season.  I'll echo Paula's comments on Wednesday when she said Lambert's is in the same league with Steve Tyler and Mick Jagger.  

But I also think that Lil Round could give the boys a run for their money.  She just needs more X factor I guess.  Let the voters decide la.

p/s: Jimmy Kimmel said : I you don't vote for the blind guy, you'll go to hell :D

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