Friday, April 03, 2009

Marley & Me

Have you guys watched this movie?  I have! And I love it.  Those who's trying to start a family should watch it!

Even though I don't have a dog, well I don't own a pet for that matter, I totally can relate to the story.  You know la, the tension managing the family, managing the wife, managing the kids, the dilemma in choosing between career and family, the sacrifices we made, the challenge to battle the selfishness in ourselves, the frustration that sometimes we cannot share lest it will make things awkward and the whole nine yard la.

I guess the director had successfully tailored the story to real life situation.  Touching the real issues we face when we intend to start a family.  These are petty issues that could be blown out of proportion if not managed with subtlety, intelligence, wisdom and most importantly patience.

This movie has reminded me that the real person who really gets things to go the way they should is the wife.  My wife does the same thing - yelling at the boys, yelling at me :)  Well, we (my kids and I) are all boys, and boys will always be boys.  Even though he is a 31 year old boy.  ehehehh...

Me?  What do I do?  I will wash the milk bottles, play with kids for a while, and when House, or CSI, or Heroes or anything on the movie channels starts, I will conveniently take the boys to the toy room let them tear the room down.  And did I clean the aftermath?  Rarely...But I do do chores at home, it's just my chores usually don't require me to juggle between different tasks.  I could do it on my own sweet time with little interference from the boys  and my wife and with peace in mind.

All I'm trying to say is that managing a family is not easy.  It takes a lot of efforts from the husband and wife.  Although sometimes things may not go the way we planned it, but that's just how the universe works.  Sooner or later something good will surface.  And when that moment comes, we'll look back at the hardships we've gone through with a laugh and we realize - that's the beauty of life.

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well said, bro..