Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Final Destination

When I read about the double decker bus crash in Rawang, it reminds me of a scene in Final Destination.  Horror isn't it?  Imagine you were sleeping in that bus, the next thing you know, there is a man's head on your lap.  Decapitated.  Just by writing this, it invokes anxiety and frustration.

I don't know la.  I'm one of those drivers who drive in frustration everyday.  Apart from the wobbly and bumpy road, it's the attitude of the other drivers that really pisses me off.  

I actually don't mind the speed demons, if they want to drive fast, they can knock themselves out.  I'd always give way to these type of drivers.  Because, maybe they're in a hurry for a reason, ie. emergency.  That could happen to anyone of us right?  So the next time someone gives you the flash from behind or tailgating you, just give him some room to overtake, ok. That's what I call 'bersopan di jalan raya' :)

The type of drivers who really annoy me are those who drive ever so slowly.  In fact, I think they are the cause of the problems we are facing today.  

To slow drivers, hear this.  You may have the sweetest time in the world, but please remember that the person behind you might be late for work.  And you are driving 50 kmh on a clear road!  The first minute of driving behind a slow driver should be ok, but after that, it will start the countdown to boiling point!  

It's sooo frustrating to lose some precious time, especially when you are really really really late.  You flashed, you honked, you 'cucuk' the car, but the driver seems to be in oblivion, and the clock is ticking and obviously will not wait for you.  To make it worse, you could see the driver's shaking and moving his body, apparently he was enjoying the number on radio. You are getting more miserable and emotional.  Now, you'll focus all your energy just to overtake the bugger in front you.  And that's how accidents happen....

It's true that we need to use our otak instead of our hati.  But God created us with these two organs.  And we're just human being. We are weak and full of imperfections.  

Just because you follow the speed limit, it does not make you a 'pemandu bersopan' ok.  If you have another car tailgating you and the road is clear, why not just drive a little bit faster.  Or if you don't want to, just move your vehicle a little bit to the left side of the road so that the guy could overtake.  These are the gestures or actions that are actually courteous.  By doing so, you could ease the tension and may also save some lives.  Trust me, it will.

And yet, if I'm not mistaken, in January or February this year, the RTD announced that they would conduct verbal test for the illiterate and the slow.  WTF??!!! As if we don't have enough problems on the roads!  This is insane.

I'm sorry ok.  I have nothing against the illiterate and the slow.  But believe me that we have enough psychos on the road nowadays.  How would you expect an illiterate person to drive when they can't read the signboards?  What if the signboard says 'Awas! Jambatan runtuh di hadapan' and the fellow thought it's a signboard for a 'kenduri' or something.  Rilek je mamat tu drive.

And the slow.  Tak payah la susah-susah nak imagine.  Kat traffic light pon cukup la.  Can imagine how their brains would work?  How would they interpret the colors? -  'Hijau maknanya jalan...kuning maknanya sedia untuk berenti...merah maknanya berani...Eh berani ke?...Ke merah maknanya garang?...eh apa eh?...aaahhh confuse ah'   See what I mean??!!  And I'm sorry again if I've offended anybody.  But this situation could happen ok.

Dunno la.  Balik rumah lagi best la.  Drive safely you guys! 


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Kunun2 nak overcome human being's limitations la tu... Ilek..

klynnismail said...

"you could see the driver's shaking and moving his body, apparently he was enjoying the number on radio."

weh... are you talking about me? cuma i do this on the fast lane lah.. boleh ke drive slow-slow pastu enjoy nyanyi sekuat hati.. tak feel langsung. itu hanya sesuai jika mendengar interview di station BFM.