Friday, August 21, 2009

Healthful Food - Tips from the elders

I was hanging out with my staffs after lunch when one of them inform me that one of my stuff just found out that he has high blood pressure.

This prompted my exec officer to start a story about a tip he got from an elderly man he once knew. This man passed away sometime ago and he was 92. Nearly a century!!! So my exec officer once had a chat with him. He asked the man what were his secrets to live a healthy life. So the old man said to him: (well, of course I had to alter the wordings la)

You young people only eat two types of food. One is sweet, and the other is salty. As you know, the sweet ones will expose you to diabetic. The salty ones will lead to high blood pressure. The people of my generation, we eat 4 types of food - sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Bitter food is actually medicinal, try take any pills, it only has one taste - bitter. The sour food will act as the neutralizing agent. So when all of these tastes combine, you body will not be burden to process it as everything is balanced.

On top of that, unlike you guys who work from the table and in air conditioned room, we work using our four limbs. We sweat and bled and we used up all the energy we have for the day. Our blood flows smoothly because we basically have no fat in our bloodstream.

So you guys, start eating well. And try to get tips from our elderly. They know more than we think they do.

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