Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This morning, I was scheming through friends' status when I saw this one:
Hari ini aku baru kehilangan seorang rakan kerja merangkap mentor yang aku hormati. En Zainal Abidin A Jalil telah pulang ke rahmatullah pagi tadi... Semoga Allah melimpahkan rahmat kepadanya di bulan Ramadhan ini... Aku betul2 akan merasa kehilangannya...
At first, I didn't pay much attention. But suddenly it was all very clear to me. I knew the arwah. I was told the cause could not be verified at the moment. But it has something to do with tumor.
Although I never worked with him, but occasionally we did meet in meetings or seminar. A nice person he was. A good officer, committed to his work.
The things that I remember about him : he likes to read, he likes to talk and most importantly, he loves his country. He loves this country so much. That's why I feel so moved. We did not only lose an officer, but also a patriot.
May Allah bless his soul. Al-Fatihah.....

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