Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pool him!!

I was shocked, baffled and disappointed with SPRM. I guess you guys know about the statement made by SPRM's chief of investigation. But in case you haven't, read here.

The statement is a disgrace to his agency and to all civil servants. We are tasked to carry out our duties without fear of favour. We are paid to do it. Nobody put a gun to our head when we signed up for this job. So please live up to expectations.

Please bear in mind that SPRM was only an agency before this - ACA, now it's a commission. What does this mean? It means they are free to exercise their power and authority from any so called puppet master. They are the master of their actions. They should be more bold in their pursuit of obliterating corruptions and not surrender without a fight. Sadly they succumb to pressure. Shame on them.

I became more frustrated when the statement came from a very senior officer. He is even a Datuk. In this testing time, the last thing Datuk Shukri should do is to give up hope. He should instead boost the morale of his officers. Not shut them down completely. He should have known better the role of a leader. He should lead. Not chicken out.

I think the Commissioner must do something drastic. He needs to get rid of the timid and bring someone with panache to head the unit. He should pool the coward. Give his five figure salary to someone else. Someone who deserves the post.

Buduh la.....

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