Thursday, August 13, 2009

Politicians with balls

Finally there is a politician with balls.

He's willing to be stripped of all his positions and will not entertain any intimidation. He's willing to stand his ground. Caya la YB. I solute you!!!! Tabik spring sket!!

Though I do not share his ideology, but I admire his courage. Some people might say that this is just another drama or wayang kulit. But who cares right? At least he is willing to fight for the right reason. Whether he is sincere or not, let's leave that between God and Him.

I hope this will be the first milestone. Hopefully there will be a lot more politicians like this.

I hope they understand that there is a limit in pursuing any agendas. Whatever that agenda may be. The end doesn't justify the mean. Along the way, if you find out that the only way to achieve your agenda is by doing wrong against other people or would inflict injustice, for God's sake. Please stop. It is just God's way to tell you that your agenda is actually wrong and bad.


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