Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ah, Reds

I woke up as usual at 4.30 am for sahur. But today's sahur was different. There was urgency. I left the bed when my handphone's alarm struck the first ring. I hurried myself in front the tv. Switched it on. Push the buttons 8,1 and 2 and hoping for a pleasant news.
But noooo.....it was shocking. Liverpool was trailing Aston Villa 0-2. Damn itt!!!!! They were playing at home. And Villa is not even a Big Four team!!! Sheeshhh....At min 72, Torres scored one. It seemed like a beginning of a miracle. But then, of all people, Stevie G handed Villa a penalty when he made a sloppy tackle in the penalty area. Damnnn.....Final score, Liverpool lost 1-3 to Villa. Crap....

But in a way, I was relieved, though. I was glad I didn't wake up at 3 am to watch the game from the kick off. Good decision Azrul.....

Liverpool is not doing well this season. They lost 2 out of 3 of their opening games. Not a good sign. They lost to Spurs in their first match, which to me wasn't really annoying. You know first game and all, readjusting, adapting and playing away, it kinda make sense. But to lose to lowly Villa???!!! At Anfield???!!! Unacceptable.

I blame the American owners. Thanks but no thanks you Yanks!!! Why don't ya leave EPL alone and go buy some sorry NFL team to toy with.

I'll give Liverpool till the fifth game. Hope they could make a comeback by then. If not, they could say goodbye to this season and concentrate on next season. Just hope that they wont be out of the Big Four. Come on ladsss....you can do ittttt!!!!!

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Bahau Otai said...

Sabar sabar....masa masih ada

Woi Lucas kenapa score sebijik scorelah lagi enambelas !!!!!